Client Feedback

Some lovely comments from some satisfied clients and happy candidates

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Dosbarth, it has provided me with such good experience and definitely equipped me for University.

Milly H

"Thanks to Dosbarth, I get regular work every week in nearby schools. The whole team are extremely welcoming and friendly, and always ready to help on the other end of the phone. It is a pleasure to work for them.

Alaw J

"Dosbarth has been great in starting me on the teaching supply journey. The staff are friendly, supportive, ready to give advice at any time and in constant communication. I'm delighted to have joined the Dosbarth team.

Hannah T

"I recently joined Dosbarth with the intention of balancing work with my role as a mother of 3 young children. I'm delighted to have connected with Karen and the team and very grateful for the learning opportunities I've had so far. From the start the team has been welcoming, kind and willing to look and offer work on days that suit me.

Ffion Mai

"Dosbarth was a great agency to work for. All staff were friendly and always there to help and offer support. I will definitely recommend to anyone!

Cari Haf

"It's a pleasure to work for Dosbarth! The staff are always ready to help and answer any question I have. I really enjoy working for them!

Ffion M L

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Dosbarth over the course of nearly two years. Karen and her team are very warm, welcoming and communicate very efficiently. I have always felt supported and encouraged while working at dosbarth. They provide excellent opportunities with training and extended course to enable practitioners to excel with their careers. I would highly recommend working for dosbarth if you have a passion for teaching and changing the lives of others. Dosbarth work very hand in hand with my needs and cater to my availability and eligibility for schools in the area. Thank you dosbarth for having me, you guys are a dream.

Jorje W

"Karen and the team are amazing they work tirelessly to place us in work and are so supportive when long term supply ends. They even work around the clock sometimes to ensure their staff are looked after. Karen and Dosbarth are my agency of choice when I have worked as a supply teacher.

Louise C

"Dosbarth is a friendly ,flexible and helpful agency to work for. Very supportive and understanding. They find local work and have excellent communication. Diolch Karen x

Sandra J

"It’s a pleasure working with Dosbarth. Everyone is so supportive and Karen and the team are always available when help is needed.

Sian E

"Dosbarth are an excellent professional company to work for. They are easy to contact and have provided me with all the work I require. Diolch yn fawr.

Andrew P

"I have found the Dosbarth Team to be friendly and welcoming, efficient and thorough.

Kate I

"A very flexible company to work with. Enjoyed my experience here.

Elen M

"Dosbarth is a friendly and organized company to work with, who are always on the other end of the phone when needed. The recruitment process was quick, simple and fuss-free which meant that I was available to work in a short period of time.

Lleucu R

"Lovely company, the staff are friendly and always ready to help! A great way to enter the education workforce. Thanks for everything!

Mali T

" A great company to work with providing work in Welsh and Bilingual schools. The whole team are friendly, flexible and helpful! Diolch!

Gwenno J

" Dosbarth are a lovely company to work for, a big family. So accommodating with any issues that arise, be it poorly children, to appointments! I absolutely loved my time with Dosbarth, and I look forward to returning soon :)

Heulwen E

" Dosbarth are a great agency to work for- really understanding and helpful. Thank you for all the experiences and work you have provided me during the last couple of months."

Hannah J

"Dosbarth are an amazing agency who are very supportive and understanding. They find local work and show excellent communication. I fully recommend Dosbarth to anyone who wishes to work in the education sector."

Hefin D

" Can't recommend Dosbarth enough. They have been very helpful and supportive. Always on the other side of the phone if needed. So glad i took the leap to change career and register with Dosbarth." Cwmni cefnogol,sydd ochr arall y ffon ta pryd fydd eu angen. Diolch

Angharad L

" I have only been with Dosbarth a short time but I have found them to be a very friendly and supportive team. They found me a position extremely quickly which was great. They found me a position which accommodated my needs. All the staff there were exceptionally welcoming and helpful. Overall it has been a pleasurable experience."

Coro G

" Highly recommend Dosbarth they are an extremely well organised company who are very friendly. They have provided me with work in local schools and are always at the end of the phone if needed."

Sarah H Ceredigion

"Dosbarth have been an amazing and the best agency to work for, every member is caring, kind, friendly and very thoughtful. They put their staff in the heart of their business which is very rare to see! When I was unwell with COVID they made sure to check up on me and do as much as possible to ensure I was financially supported! It has been a a pleasure to work for Dosbarth over the past few years 

Tanyah. M

"Dosbarth gives me the perfect work-life balance as I am able to pick my working schedule to fit around my business. The fact that they are run by educators themselves makes all the difference as they really understand where you are coming from if you have any worries. I can't fault the team for their professionalism and friendly nature, they make everyone feel like we are part of a big family."

Ffion T

" The team at Dosbarth are extremely friendly, helpful and supportive. They are always on hand with a professional and personal approach to answer any questions and help with any problems or queries that may arise. Thank you for being very accommodating to my personal needs. It is a pleasure to be part of such a great team."

Ellie D

"As a young teacher straight out of University, Dosbarth has offered me an absolutely fantastic service. Karen and the team are supportive, organised, professional and available to discuss anything at any time. I have been placed in wonderful schools within my local area and the working days are very flexible around my availability. Working for Dosbarth feels like working for a small family"

Gwenno D

"Dosbarth has supported me fully by providing work for me within local schools which in turns builds my experiences as a student teacher. The team are extremely friendly, and always offer to help when needed. Top quality company"

Lowri D

"A fabulous company - with friendly staff who are easy to communicate with."

Bethan S

"A very organised company, very easy to contact and willing to help anytime. I’ve learnt so much through Dosbarth! Thank you for everything"

Carys. E

"A great team to work with"


" Dosbarth staff have always been efficient and friendly to work alongside. They are understanding of the needs of schools and their supply staff. I feel confident to approach them if I needed help, support or guidance and would recommend Dosbarth as a great company to work with."


"Dosbarth really are a wonderful company to work for. Karen and the team are always on hand to answer any questions or concerns that I have and are always friendly. I love that they allow me to be flexible and choose when I want to work. I'm very happy to have found Dosbarth - Diolch yn fawr i chi."

Heini.P, Ceredigion

"I’ve been working for Dosbarth for a few months now. They have been friendly and efficient the whole time. My personal ‘manager’ that arranges work for me is lovely and very understanding of my busy schedule. I can pick up work when it’s convenient for me. The schools they have arranged for me have been welcoming. It fits into my life well and I am very pleased with the arrangement."

Francesca.N, Ceredigion

"Really friendly and supportive staff, the flexibility is great :) I've grown so much in confidence since working with Dosbarth. Would definitely recommend"

Anwen .P

"I really appreciate your friendly approach. You are all really helpful, organised and efficient. I love working for you. Thank you!"

Sue,F. Tregaron

"Dosbarth have been great throughout the whole process, from the initial joining up to getting regular work. Administration and the wage department are helpful and support and the service is prompt and efficient."

Gwyneth.P, Ceredigion

"Dosbarth has supported me both as a professional and as single working parent, going out of their way to find work that fits in with also running a family. This has allowed me to not only be the best employee I can possibly be but also the best mother to my own children. I cannot praise Karen and her team enough for their professional yet personal service that they provide to the local community and beyond. Thank you so much!"


" Lovely agency to work for, really flexible with hours and are always at the other end of the phone. I've had such great care from dosbarth, so glad to have found such a great agency to work for :)"


" Nice company to work for, very friendly."


" Very good company to work for"


"Dosbarth gave me the confidence to return to teaching, found me an excellent school for long term cover and provided me with the support I needed to secure a longer term contract. Should I return to supply I would not hesitate to contact Dosbarth and become a member of their valued team again"

Louise.C, Ceredigion

"I have found the staff at Dosbarth friendly and efficient"

Liz.T, Tenby

"Very welcoming"

Wendy.W, Ceredigion

"Its a pleasure to work for this company. You understand your staff's requirements extremely well. Thank you"

Sharon.T, Ceredigion

"Lovely to work for"

Sara.D, Ceredigion

"Dosbarth have been amazing throughout the whole process, from the initial joining up to finding me suitable work within a matter of weeks"

Mathew.F, Ceredigion

"Dosbarth have been amazing to me. I enjoy working for Dosbarth"

Marial.W, Pembrokeshire

"Karen and the team make you feel like you're part of one big family. There's never a question that's too big or small and there's always someone available on the other side of the phone if needed. Dosbarth are professional and I love being a part of their team. I would highly recommend any teacher, LSA and schools to work with Dosbarth"

Lowri.J, Ceredigion

"I enjoy working for Dosbarth. Thank you for all your hard work and for all the experiences I've received"

Llyr.G, Ceredigion

"A friendly and very organised company who are easy to contact and are willing to help anytime. They're great"

Gwen.F, Pembrokeshire

"You're amazing. Thank you for your constant support"

Emma.S, Ceredigion

"A very special company:) I've personally had amazing care and they are always at the other end of the phone if I need any help. Finding Dosbarth has been the best thing to happen to me. A*. Extremely happy"

Delyth.J, Ceredigion

"Dosbarth has given me the confidence to meet new people. It's also been a big help with my Primary Education course. It's a special feeling to be working for them"

Cerys N.J, Carmarthenshire

"I'm really happy to be working for this company. Karen and the team are fab"

Carys.P, Pembrokeshire

"A special company"

Elizabeth. D, Ceredigion


Tirion.P, Carmarthenshire

"Friendly, communicative, responsive, pofessional, helpful. Karen is exemplary in her approach, she has consistently been supportive, insightful in terms of my needs. Bethan also has been extremely helpful and responsive in terms of her role"

Rebecca.S, Ceredigion

"I have found Dosbarth personal, responsive & helpful"

Rachel.H, Pembrokeshire

"Very friendly and caring"

Ping.P, Carmarthenshire

"I'm currently employed via Dosbarth, and have worked every day. The staff answer my questions or concerns promptly and efficiently. They are also very amiable with a feel of a close community, simple actions such as Advent calendars at xmas and a thoughtful word of thanks at the end of term, go along way to make you feel valued (especially as you are not a permanent member of staff in your place of work)"

Olivia.W, Pembrokeshire

"Always approachable and professional"

Julie-Ann.L, Ceredigion

"Excellent, friendly agency who have found me all the work I need and also supported me during lockdown with furlough. A huge thank you and keep up the good work"

Josephine.S, Ceredigion

"I just want to say a massive thank you for not only being one of the best companies to work for but also for being able to provide me with the best experience I’ve had especially in something I love to do! When I first started on your books I was so nervous but it's made me a better person and I’ve learnt so much from working for you guys"

Cerys.J, Pembrokeshire

"Friendly and efficient"

Gretchen.S, Ceredigion

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